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Retronix Semiconductor

Retronix Semiconductor

Website Bullhorn, eBay and Umbraco Integration

Retronix Semiconductor is an experienced Global Semiconductor Service Company offering Flexible Labor, Facility Support and Equipment for some of the largest High-Tech Manufacturing and Semiconductor OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) & IDM’s (Integrated Device Manufacturers) around the world.

The client had a requirement to re-develop the website so that the recruitment and equipment parts of the business were better integrated into the overall website to give the user a better, more joined up experience. This was in addition to needing a flexible CMS system to allow the website to develop with the changes in the business moving forward. 

Craig Champion Software Development was chosen to develop this new website due to their experience in complex API development and integration.

Much of the data that was required for website came from different and non-connected systems. 

  1. Recruitment Data - Recruitment data (vacancies, CVs, applicants) was held in a specialist web based system called Bullhorn. The website needed to get access to the current vacancies as well as allow potential applicants to apply online for these jobs. This applicant data needed to be fed back into Bullhorn so the recruitment work flow could be triggered. 

    Bullhorn provides APIs to allow this bi-directional flow of information. We were able to utilize and automate this API to get the vacancy information from Bullhorn into the Umbraco system. This data was then styled to the main websites look and feel so as to feel seamless to the rest of the site. 

    Applicants were also able to apply and upload to these vacancies via the main website. We then provided a backwards integration of this applicant data back into Bullhorn and then triggered the recruitment workflow for application review.

  2. Equipment Data - The current stock management and equipment data was help internally on proprietary systems of the client. This was causing issues as its management was manual and there was a lot of duplication copying it between systems. 

    Using a custom extraction tool that operated within the clients premises we took this data and automatically populated the Umbraco driven website. This allowed the equipment data to appear on the website is the same look and feel as the rest of the site.  We also took this data and extracted it into the clients eBay listing page.

Both of these integrations were enhanced by further work with the Microsoft Graph API. This automated the updating of internal data sources and provided messaging via Office 365.

Both the Bullhorn and eBay integrations reduced the administrative overhead in moving the data around the business and reduced the opportunity for errors to occur.  The launch of website helped to improve the efficiency of the business and reduced the need for staff to spend many hours managing internal data between systems.

Technologies Used:

  • Umbraco
  • Bullhorn API
  • eBay API
  • Microsoft Graph API
  • SQL Server
Retronix Semiconductor


  • Location Glasgow, UK
  • Completed Date February 2020