Craig Champion Software Development

We have over 25 years experience of using technology to make your business run smoother, faster and more profitably.

I'm Craig Champion and I founded Craig Champion Software Development way back in 1996 to help business' take advantage of the newly founded internet (it was only 3 years old at the time!) and to more widely take advantage of the technology revolution that was starting to take place.

Fast forward over 25 years...

We are now specialists in developing bespoke software and integration solutions that solve problems for businesses across the UK and beyond.

We have designed and developed eCommerce systems, factory and warehouse management systems, and airport car park systems and have developed and published over 100 mobile apps in both the Apple and Google app stores.

We also get our clients other software and systems talking together having experience in integrating secure payment systems, mapping, recruitment, CRM, eCommerce, and a host of other 3rd party APIs. All of our systems are scalable, reliable, and secure. In everything we do, we aim to provide both cost savings and profit opportunities for our customers.

We specialise in Microsoft-based technologies for back-end and server development (C#, .NET, SQL Server, Azure), Umbraco for CMS-driven websites and JavaScript, Blazor and Angular, and .NET Maui for front-end web and mobile.

What drives us? Your problems. More specifically, solving them for you. We want to hear about time consuming processes, mundane tasks or duplicated data inputting from one system to another. In fact, if your business is wasting time and money on repetitive, day-to-day tasks get in touch as we are likely to be able to help. We take pride in putting our skills to use to make your life easier and, most importantly, more productive.

Get in touch and let us know your problems...