Know As You Go

Know As You Go

Interactive Travel Health Platform and Mobile App

KnowAsYouGo is an interactive travel health app for iOS and Android giving specialised travel health advice - vaccine recommendations and information about non vaccine preventable diseases and how to prevent them as well as up to date country specific advice from UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Once you have populated the app with your vaccine history, the app interprets this information and tailors further vaccine recommendations specific to the country you plan to visit. 

As a startup business KnowAsYouGo needed a software developer that could not only design and build the end-user mobile apps, but also create the wider platform and backup to support this. There was also a requirement to build a vaccination algorithm based on the clinical input on the medical experts developing the app.

Craig Champion Software Development was asked to develop the platform and app given they have a strong track record of both app and platform development. We had 4 main parts of the system that needed to be completed to launch the product.

  1. Web Admin Portal - Using ASP.NET we developed a secure web based back-end that allowed the business to manage app data, users and vaccine algorithm inputs. All aspects of the system and app were able to be managed here, thereby reducing the need for too regular app updates.

  2. Vaccination Algorithm - working with the medical experts behind the app we developed a vaccination algorithm that gave instant vaccination coverage information based on a users vaccination history and their country of travel. This vaccination algorithm was developed in abstract to the back-end and mobile apps, but could share the same code as to ensure its integrate between difference types of platform.

  3. iOS and Android Apps - Working with external graphic designers and the client, we developed attractive, easy to use native mobile apps using Xamarin. These apps implemented the vaccination algorithm and converted coverage information in an easy to understand way for the user. The app pulled up-to-date information from the web back-end and used this to enhance the users travel experience. 

    This was a subscription based service and both in-app purchase of the subscription was integrated for both the Apple and Android platforms. 

  4. Marketing Website - To promote and support the site to both investors and users a marketing site was developed in Umbraco. This additionally had further integrations with the app for PDF exports of the users data and password reset functionality from the app.



Technologies Used:

  • Xamarin iOS and Android
  • Apple In App Purchase 
  • Google In App Purchase
  • ASP.NET MVC and WebApi
  • Umbraco
  • SQL Server
  • Azure
Know As You Go


  • Location Glasgow, UK
  • Completed Date October 2015