Datastore - Document Storage Warehouse Automation

Fully automated warehouse document management system


Datastore provide a document storage, retrieval, scanning and shredding service to high profile customers, such as the NHS, throughout Scotland. Initially running a straightforward document pickup, storage and delivery service. Paterson Data wanted to take advantage of technical developments in the internet and mobile services to streamline the operation of their warehouse and delivery service and also to provide a ‘near instant’ document scanning service for their clients – something that their competitors could not do.

We were asked to design, develop and implement an entirely new system to manage the warehouse and deliveries and build a public facing customer administration area.


Using Windows Mobile, wireless and barcode technologies we created a real-time stock management system ensuring faster processing of customer requests, virtually eliminating the problem of missing documents and records.


Datastore are now able to retrieve the location of any box in any warehouse at the click of a button whether at a desktop PC in the warehouse or handheld PC at the customer’s premises.

In addition to streamlining the warehouse and boosting operational productivity, we also created a web based account management product for customers. This enabled Paterson Data customers to access their folders and files online. A request for delivery and collection can be made at any time. These improved customer service levels were previously lagging because of bottlenecked queues on the phone lines.

The initial phases of the projects were completed successfully and the aim is to now further extend the system to allow automated scanning and sending of documents directly to the customer. This project will reduce both Datastore's operational costs and improved speed of delivery to the customer.



  • Location Glasgow, UK
  • Completed Date March 2006